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Playing games on the platform earns you additional Twists. Twists act as bonus points at GameTwist and are used for placing stakes in various games on the platform. As Twists are bonus points, you cannot redeem them for money.

Twists can be earnt by performing various activities on the platform (see table below). You can also buy Twist packs at the GameTwist Shop.

Twist rewards

Event Twists Conditions
Registration incl. confirmation of your e-mail address: 5,000  
Registration 1,000 When additional details are given
Gaming activity 1,000 per day When at least one game is played to completion
Login 500 per day For the 1st login of the day, if there are less than 100 Twists in the account
Gold Subscription (1 month) 52,500 At the time of subscription
Gold Subscription (3 months) 157,500 At the time of subscription
Gold Abo (12 months) 630,000 At the time of subscription
Organisation of a user tournament 10,000 When 10 or more users participate
1st place in a user tournament 10,000 When 10 or more users participate
2nd place in a user tournament 5,000 When 10 or more users participate
3rd place in a user tournament 2,500 When 10 or more users participate

So top up your Twists now and enjoy collecting even more!

How do I buy Twists?

Always have enough Twists for your next game: Our shop always has small, medium, large and very large Twist stocks on hand!
Click on the "Shop" tab - there you will find a wide selection of Twist packs. Just select the pack that best meets your needs, and purchase your item with the ‘Pay Now’ button.
You can either transfer the Twists directly to your player account (‘Next’) or surprise someone (‘Give the pack away as a gift coupon’ or ‘Give the pack to a GameTwist-friend’). Then you just need to pay for your purchase - just choose your preferred payment provider from the list and click on the ‘Buy Now’ button next to it. Should details required to complete a transaction be missing from your user profile, you will be required to complete them before proceeding.
Note to all players with a primary residence within the European Union (EU): As of 01/01/2015, new EU-wide laws regarding the calculation of Value Added Tax (VAT) will come into effect, requiring us to verify your details. For this reason, all players from the EU must completely and correctly fill in their phone number, address and country.

Have no fear: This change does not affect your final billing amount when buying Twists!
Once your details are complete, follow the payment process your your chosen payment provider and then confirm your purchase - and you’re done!
Your Twist pack is then ready for immediate use!Back to overview